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Thank you for your investment in your massage therapy practice by purchasing and completing the Ethics for Massage Professionals-Distance Training Course, a 2-hour continuing education course designed to further and deepen your knowledge and understanding of professional principles and concepts of massage ethics.

The principles of an ethical massage practice are of significant importance since the smallest misunderstanding can adversely impact the client and open the door to major ethical violations.  This course addresses a range of those issues and introduces many concepts necessary to massage therapists’ ethical practice.

Successful completion of the course informs the massage professional of the basic concepts and rationales for ethical decision-making in their practice to help them navigate unknown ethical terrain, identify questionable behavior, and identify “red flags” of potential conflict, as well as take steps to resolve these issues.

Directions:  Please complete each unit in this online review to access the examination.  The review helps you successfully complete the required examination.   You must complete all review units to access the examination.  Each unit should take less than a minute.  Click on the unit title below to begin.  When you finish each lesson, click “complete unit” and then move to the next.